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We, at Martial Arts USA, would like to welcome you to our new website. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in traditional Korean martial arts. 

Every journey you choose to take always begins with making that first step. And step by step one can even climb the highest mountain peaks. I congratulate you on making your first step in the journey of martial arts study and I hope that you find our website educational and informative towards your goals.

Grandmaster Eun Yil Choi

















Martial Arts USA is an organization of schools that teach in the "traditional style" of the Korean martial arts Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do

A traditional Korean martial art school does not only primarily focus on the physical aspects and martial self defense techniques, but more importantly on the training of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. 

Our primary goal of instruction is to nurture our students into developing not only their self defense skills but self-respect as well. And in through learning this self-respect, one will have respect for all those around them. 













We instruct self-discipline to our students and encourage them to apply this concept within our school and outside in the world in our own daily lives.  This is the foundation for developing that indomitable "CAN DO" spirit that can be utilized your whole life.



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